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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I make payments on my balance?

You can mail your payments to Atlanta Rent Recovery,10800 Alpharetta Hwy Suite 208-714 Roswell, GA 30076, or you may call us and we will receive your payment over the phone.

Our phone number is unlisted as we receive 100's of phone calls from people owing money to other rent recovery companies. To call us, please request our phone number from the form on the right, also on the Contact Us page, or call the number on the paperwork you received in the mail.

If I agree to payments, how long does it take to get my credit mark removed?

Generally 3 to 5 weeks but we don’t control the credit bureaus. As soon as a payment plan is agreed to we can start the credit correction process.

Must I pay off my entire balance or can I make payment arrangements?

Most landlords are willing to settle for a promise of payments. Court is a time-consuming proposition and no one likes taking time off work to sit and wait to be heard. Hiring an attorney can be expensive and seldom gets the response you’re hoping for. An agreement for payments, no matter how small, is generally a better solution.

What if I default on my payments and fail to pay as agreed?

If you default on your payments and do not keep us advised of your intentions, there may be other consequences depending on what the note (and state law) says. There may be a court action based on the promissory note you signed. This claim may include late fees and interest as well as possible default interest.

What role does Atlanta Rent Recovery play in helping me settle my account with my previous property manager?

Atlanta Rent Recovery is a third party company dedicated to assisting residents and their past landlords settle their accounts from their past lease arrangements. Occasionally, residents move out of a rental property owing money for rent, late fees, property damage and other things. Some property managers just let it go while others begin a pursuit process that can affect the resident’s credit and future ability to rent or buy a home. Our goal is to help settle those outstanding balances in a professional and courteous way. We can help both parties see the benefit of putting this debt behind them and parting with a good experience.

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